I'm a fan first.

As a musician and artist myself, my goal as that fan is to help other artists realize their potential and create great recordings.

My most immediate goal is to work with you to find out how I might best be able to help you as an artist.



Jon Bindley (Bindley Hardware Co.)

"Jake understands the importance of atmosphere which is so often overlooked in the modern recording experience. Beyond his technical prowess as an engineer and musician lies a unique ability to serve a song and elicit the simple ingredients that can make a track feel like a living, breathing thing. He has a dynamic repertoire of tastes and is always willing to experiment with new ideas. Professional and personable, I'd recommend him to anyone who is looking for a producer that can foster a genuine experience and authentic sound."

Bill Deasy (Gathering Field)

“Making a record with Jake is like breathing, you hardly even know you're doing it. His studio is so steeped in good vibes, you can't help but feel inspired. Not one part of the process felt labored...or even like a process. If you are looking to capture your musical essence in an authentic way and have fun while you're doing it, Jake is your man.”

The Buckledowns

"Jake took the music in our heads and made it come alive in the studio. He was extremely easy to work with and helped us get the sounds and vibe we were looking for. Jakes endless knowledge of recording and mixing were extremely helpful in getting our ideas to pop on record."

"Jake has an endless array of microphones, studio knowledge, and paper mache' to help you get just the exact sound you are looking for in your recording"

Rob James (The Clarks)

"Jake was open to trying anything, which put me at ease right away. As soon as tape was rolling, there were no bad ideas. Very collaborative and insightful nudges here and there. Before I knew it, Eight songs knocked out in just over nine hours? It was one of the most gratifying work experiences I've ever had. So glad I had the opportunity."

Joseph Badaczewski (Performer and arranger for Brandon Flowers of The Killers, Pittsburgh Jazz Orchestra)

"I've played around the world for nearly 20 years and recorded in more studios than I can count, including Capitol records in Hollywood. Between his relaxed studio setup and production skills, sessions with Jake have been among my favorite experiences. There is truly no finer "musician whisperer" out there, or more knowledgeable engineer. You won't have to take my word for it; review his body of work and accolades. Listen to a few albums. Please give him a call, or visit; you'll have a better day in the process. And look out for his presence behind a drum kit!" 

Brooke Annibale

"Working with Jake is great. He’s super efficient and goes above and beyond to help make whatever we’re working on creative and interesting. You can tell he is really invested in his work and puts in extra effort in to all he does. I really appreciate the way he experiments with different sounds and ideas. His studio has super cool vibes and is a great atmosphere for making music."

Pet Clinic

“Jake Hanner is a Pet Clinic essential. His contribution to our music has help craft our professional sound. He is patient, detailed oriented, and willing to go the extra mile!”  - John Henderson of Pet Clinic

“I would add that his warm personality creates an environment that is ideal for creative expression.” -Kenny Nelson of Pet Clinic

Mark Ramsey(Cold Weather, Brooke Annibale)

"I've been working with Jake for over 6 years. He brings a ton of knowledge, experience, innovation and creativity to every project. He is constantly, obsessively upgrading gear and techniques. The sessions are fun and relaxed but always focused and productive. His rates are great and the results speak for themselves. I wouldn't work with anyone else. He makes the best sounding recordings in town." 

 Gabriel Colby (Beauty Slap, Nu Deco Ensemble, River City Brass Band)

"I have worked at Jake Hanner's studio in full horn section for Beauty Slap material and for individual freelance work. Jake's studio vibe is fantastic. There is an excellent relaxed atmosphere with a killer visual aesthetic to match- an awesome place to create. In addition to being totally on top of his communication through email or over the phone, Jake is an extremely patient engineer and has always gotten work to me promptly. I would highly recommend Jake Hanner for any session work you need!"

Chris Olszewski (Balloon Ride Fanstasy)

"Jake is very easy to work with compared to many others I've dealt with in the past. Im pretty demanding and he was very patient and helpful at every step. Jake seems to really care about my music and has respect for music in general, to the point that it's not about the money as much as creating something special. He mastered our last album, and mixed and mastered our newest EP, and the quality and tone he pulled out are above and beyond what I've gotten from other engineers."

Alex Stanton (Townsppl)

"I've worked with Jake Hanner for two full length albums over a number of years and have found him to be a thoughtful and creative producer and a razor sharp engineer. Jake's studio is comforting and inspiring and a great space to work on musical projects big and small. The eclectic space is jam packed with an amazing variety of new and old equipment, instruments and microphones ranging from hi end hi-fi gear to more edgy and alternative options. The most important part of the studio is Jake himself, who's developed an extremely keen ear for arranging and mixing and knows just how to play the room, equipment and studio like some massive meta-instrument. For any musicians looking to not just document their music, but create a special work of art, I would give Jake and his studio my highest recommendation."

Josh V (Meeting of Important People)

"I have been working with Jake, as an engineer, producer, and all-around creative audio collaborator, for over a decade now, and can't imagine having this close relationship with anyone else.  I have recorded in a variety of settings, from large studios to home demo setups, and honestly believe that Jake's resources, space, and creative input are the perfect fit for me and many fellow musicians who have also recorded at his studio."

"Jake Hanner is the ultimate musical collaborator:  a knowledgeable and fast-working engineer, a collector of equipment but ultimately a believer in the performances of those he works with, a songwriter and arranger himself, and a passionate fan of all different types of music, past and present."

"Jake's recording space isn't a typical recording studio, and that's a good thing. This is a project studio, a playground for those who want to realize their musical ideas without the condescending sneers of 'big studio' engineers...  This is an open door for creative personalities, perfect for solo artists, full bands, performers of all genres." 

I have worked with Jake on projects from solo acoustic recordings, to alt-folk acts, to a full rock band, to duo childrens music and instrumental tracks and have found him to be equally brilliant at each and every one.

The Living Street

"Working with Jake was truly a pleasure. He delivers professional quality recordings at an extremely reasonable price. He cares about the project just as much as we did and it showed in the final product. The atmosphere is really laid back and it's easy to let your creative juices flow. Jake really understands the art of songwriting and lends a huge helping hand with ideas to really bring a track to life. And he's just a cool dude. We've used him for multiple projects and he delivers every time."

Joe Rusnak (Glophase)

"Recording drums with Jake, which I unfortunately do not have the space or equipment to record myself in my home studio, was an awesome experience. I was able to get access to great mics and outboard gear, in addition to Jake's skillful and accomplished ears all for a very nice rate. I've recorded with him multiple times and will continue to do so."