Tools to Capture and Shape Sound

Mics:  Vintage C-414 (w/c12 capsule), Neumann U87, Peluso U47, Neumann Km84(pair), Royer 121, Sennheiser 441, Beyer m69, Sennheiser 421(pair), Akg D112, Beyer201, Multiple 57s and 58s, sm81(pair), Sony ecm33(pair), Sennheiser mkh40, Shure green bullet, misc fun mics. 

Pres: Bae 1023, Bae 1073(stereo), Api 3124(4 channels), Sontec mb-1(2 channels), Vintage Trident 80(2 channels), Yamaha mla-7 (16 channels).

Outboard Compressors:  Thermionic Culture Phoenix Valve, Rupert Neve Portico 2, Valley People Dynamite, Empirical Labs Distressor, MoFet 1176

Outboard EQ: Trident 80 series (4 channels), Bae 1023

Interface: Antelope Orion 32

Daw: Pro Tools 11 (imac i7)

Fab Filter Plug In Collection

Altiverb 7

Antares Auto Tune 8

UA 1176 and Fairchild 

FullTone Tube Driven Analog Tape Delay

Misc FX units setup for line or instrument level, including original mxr analog delay, boss dm-2 delay(modded for full wet), boss dd2 digital delay, boss chorus ensemble, a/da flanger, color sound tremelo, tube screamer, tech 21 sans amp, alesis Ineko (2), Electrix EQ killer, Electrix Repeater, SPL Charisma, Sans Amp Bass Driver


Tools for Creating Sound

Full Upright Piano, Spinet Piano, Misc Hammonds, Push Button Accordion, 24 Hole Hohner Harmonica with every key on one spindle (it's a sight to see), Bells (various mallets), Jaymar(s), Casio SK-5(s), Boss sp202, Boss sp303

Thomas R Buckel Gut String, '66 Harmony Stella Acoustic, '66 Harmony Bobcat Electric, Peavy Bass, Yamaha 12 String, Fender Mandolin

Ampeg Reverberocket 2, Marshall JCM 900 Half Stack, Leslie 145(with combo preamp)

Misc Drum collection(including 4 Snare options that stay tuned), Misc Percussion