Tucked away in a wooded valley, Jake’s studio is positioned on a tree-lined property 15 miles north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He built this home studio in an effort to keep his monthly overhead low, investing instead in high-end microphones and state-of-the-art analog gear. As a result, his rates remain considerably low, and his time spent being creative very high.

As a musician and artist himself, Jake’s goal has always been to cultivate an inspired space to create in. “I’ve surrounded myself with tools that motivate me to create, as well as energize the artists I work with.” He prides himself on being in the moment and working fast, but not so fast that his studio feels cookie-cutter. “I wanted to create a work flow that allowed me to quickly accomplish any idea a client or myself would have.” He maintains that time spent setting up for that idea simply draws the energy out of the room and the idea itself.  This idea of capturing the energy in a room is also why his favorite part of recording is communicating with people, and translating their concepts into great recordings. “I know how creating that sound you have in your head can be a difficult thing to express in words, let alone accomplish. I believe that the best ideas come from being creative in the moment, and that’s why I don’t waste time on anything that takes us out of that moment.”

Aside from the work with artists he has co-written, produced and recorded work that has been featured on ABC, ABC Family, MTV, History Channel, Lifetime, Bravo, CW. 

He’s also co-written, produced, and recorded music that has been featured in advertisements by Gap Kids, Tory Burch, Tiffany, DKNY, Chase, McDonald’s, Citibank, and Nationwide with Donora Music Creative.



The Buckle Downs Album Hard Truths was named WYEP top local album of the year. (Produced, Mixed, and Mastered)


Pet Clinic's No Face named in WYEP's top 5 local albums of the year(vocal producing and recording, mixing, mastering)
Bill Deasy's Timeless Things (produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered) and Moip's Troika named top local album picks of the year by The Pittsburgh Tribune Review
Bill Deasy's Timeless Things production mentioned in Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Meeting of Important People's Troika is featured in Pittsburgh Post Gazette


Donora’s Ha Ha Heart named one of WYEP’s Top 5 Local Albums of the Year (co-wrote, produced, and recorded)
Cold Weather’s When Waking named one of WYEP’s Top 5 Local Albums of the Year (co-produced, recorded, and mixed)
Balloon Ride Fantasy’s Self Titled LP named Sound Scene Express’ Album of the Year (mastered)


1, 2, 3’s Big Weather named one of WYEP’s Top 5 Local Albums of the Year (co-mixed and mastered)
Donora's Ha Ha Heart featured in Pittsburgh Post Gazette


Donora's video "Float Away" premieres on Paste Magazine's website.


Donora's "And Then The Girls" video is featured on MTV.com


Boyfriends, Girlfriends named WYEP’s Top Local Album of the Year (co-wrote, produced, recorded, and mixed